Lake Wizard feedback

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"Sarge" with his best fish of the day.   Simon with a nice net of fish caught using Lake Wizard baits.
"Sarge" with a net full!   Andy Burch with the winning catch of the day.
Rich Gostling with a 26 pound Comman Carp.   Isaac & Ollie catching Roach using Lake wizard groundbait.
Early morning Tench fishing.   Rich Gostling with a 25 pound Leather Carp.
Rich Gostling with a cracking Mirror Carp.   A nice Tench caught on Lake Wizard Fishmeal Groundbait.
Green Carp Mix - Always a winner   Rich Gostling with a 28 pound Comman Carp
30 pound + Mirror Carp   Scott - always a success with Lake Wizard Bait
Steve Mitchell - as submitted