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Boilies Boilies

These come in five proven flavours: Halibut, Strawberry, Scopex, Tutti Frutti & White Chocolate. These are a good quality boilie at a competitive price and are proven catchers of Carp as well as Tench and Bream. Our boilies can be either side hooked or hair rigged and are particularly useful as a hookbait when loose feeding pellets.
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Groundbait Groundbait

Mixing :- Add dry mix to a shallow bowl and add water a little at a time whilst mixing vigorously with hands until the desired consistency is reached. NB Add some Lake Wizard liquid flavouring to the water to give your mix a unique aroma.
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Particle baits Particle Baits

Great baits for catching Carp and also other species such as Tench and Bream. The Lake Wizard range includes; Tiger Nuts, Maize, Peanuts, Maple Peas, Hemp and Pigeon Conditioner (aka Parti blend). The range also includes Hemp, Mega Maize and Tiger nuts which are ready prepared for fishing with.  Other particle baits, which are available in bulk, need careful preparation as follows;

Particle Soak in Water Boil
Hemp 12-14 Hours 30 mins or until split
Tiger Nuts 24 Hours 30 Mins
Peanuts 18 Hours 20-30 Mins
Maple Peas 12-14 Hours 20-30 Mins
Maize 24 hours 30 mins
Pigeon Conditioner n/a 1 minute*
* Simply empty a Kettle full of boiled water onto Pigeon Conditioner, allow to cool and it's ready to use. The biggest Carp caught using Lake Wizard Pigeon Conditioner in 2009 weighed over 51 pounds.
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Prepared hempPrepared Hemp

Hemp is a brilliant loose feed attractor for all coarse fish including Carp, Tench, Bream and Roach. Our tubs of hemp are prepared and ready to go, these are PVA friendly so can be used in bag or stick set ups.
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Soft hook pelletsSoft Hook Pellets

These come in four proven flavours: Halibut, Strawberry, Scopex & Green Lipped Mussel.
As the name suggests these are easy to hook and are ideal when loose feeding pellets when targeting Carp, Tench, Bream and other coarse fish. These are very popular when fishing commercial fisheries.
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Floating carp baitFloating Carp Bait

These come in four proven flavours; Halibut, Strawberry, Scopex & Natural. They are a brilliant bait when loose feeding floating pellets or dog biscuits for surface feeding Carp. Supplied ready prepared, they can be hooked in seconds and, being naturally flavoured, will stand out from your free offerings.
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These come in five popular flavours to match other products in the range; Halibut, Strawberry, Scopex, Tutti Frutti & Green Lipped Mussel. Add liberally to your water when mixing groundbaits to give your mix it's own unique aroma. They can also be used to flavour pellets or floating baits. Put 15-20ml of liquid in a plastic bag then add 1 kg of pellets and shake vigorously for a minute. Leave standing and the pellets will absorb the flavour.
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Over the last 15 years or so pellets have become probably the most widely used type of bait in Coarse angling. Coarse Pellets are designed for the Carp farming industry but are effective for all types of coarse fish including Tench, Bream and Roach.

Trout Pellets were initially created for Trout farming whilst Halibut pellets are made for the Marine fish farming industry. These latter two types of pellet contain a lot more oil which leaks into the water and often provide 'the edge' on heavily fished waters and in competitive situations. Halibut Pellets in particular have become very popular baits in recent years and are also known to be effective on rivers for species such as Chub and Barbel. Lake Wizard also has a range of flavoured pellets if you want to try something different or want to have that extra 'edge'. Flavours available include; Tutti frutti, Scopex, Green Lipped Mussel and Bloodworm.

Pellets make a great loose feed as an alternative to traditional groundbait mixes. Try using a mixture of sizes and types. With this approach you'll find different pellets dissolve at different rates: smaller coarse pellets will dissolve quickly dispersing flavour and oils thus attracting fish which find larger pellets to feed on which are still in tact. The 2mm coarse pellets also make a great method mix, simply scold with boiling water and allow to cool. The pellets will then soften and can be easily squeezed around a method feeder.

When using pellets as a loose feed attractor ideal baits include the Lake Wizard soft hook pellets, Lake wizard boilies or the new pre – drilled halibut pellets.
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Top quality ingredients for use in groundbait, boilie or stick mixes.

Maize meal:- good bulk ingredient, also useful for dusting maggots to prevent sweating.
Tiger nut flour:- Very popular for Boilies and stick mixes.
Crushed Hemp:- Brilliant for making groundbaits fizz and break up quickly.
Tiger Nut extract:- often used in boilie or groundbait mixes.
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